Minibus Gran Canaria Airport

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Minibus hire Gran Canaria airport will compare many of the major minibus hire companies to find you the best deal for minibus hire package. Gran Canaria airport is located approximatelt 18.5km from the capital Las Palmas. There is long and short term car parks in front of the terminal building with over 2000 spaces.It is the busiest of the Canary airports. Information desks are located at level 1. There is a tourist board information desk at the EU arrivals hall at zone A.

If you are planning to visit Gran Canaria, it is important to learn about the place before actually going there. We will initially discuss about the Gran Canaria Airport since it is your first stop when you arrive at Gran Canaria. The Gran Canaria Airport has different names throughout the years. It was formerly called Gando Airport before it was named as Las Palmas Airport. Due to its location in Gran Canaria, it is considered as a busy airport since there are many tourists that fly in and out during the summer season. Aside from the beaches, there are other tourist destinations that you can visit on the southern part of the city. The city center is approximately 25 kilometers from the airport.

From the airport, there are many modes of transportation that you can choose from. You have the option to ride a taxi, bus or one of the airport coaches. If you want the best, you can opt for a car rental since it will make your stay in Gran Canaria convenient and you can travel around at your own pace. If you will take a taxi, they are just parked outside the arrival area.

Now that you have arrived in Gran Canaria and made your way out of the Gran Canaria Airport, there are indeed a lot of things you can do in the city aside from the beach and water sports. You can go on shopping and other forms of entertainment so that your vacation will be a memorable one. Gran Canaria is a recognized beach hub but it is also popular due to adventure sports such as hiking, rock climbing, excursions, and mountain biking and karting. Take note that there are several rock formations that you can explore such as the gullies, needles and cauldron like Roque Nublo that have 12 routes or the vertical cliffs of Tamadaba. For those interested on mountain biking, there are challenging paths that you can try out; you can do it on your own or with a guide.

For activities ideal for the entire family, there are also theme parks in Gran Canaria that is worth visiting. The Sioux City is one of the theme parks that offer a Wild West theme. You can try out horse riding or enjoy a barbeque dinner while watching an actual Wild West show. If you are eager to experience a camel ride, they are offered in Fataga where you can also learn interesting facts about them. There is also a Crocodile Park located in Aguimes which houses about 300 crocodiles as well as a variety of tropical fishes and even a cacti garden that is worth seeing.

Don't forget to drop by at Gran Canaria’s version of Venice. The town of Puerto de Morgan is quite similar to Venice due to its canals. You can choose from various restaurants, bars and cafes in the town after an entire day of adventure. If you want to go on shopping, you can go to Las Palmas which is the capital city of the island. There are several malls and shops that offer both branded and inexpensive items. There are a lot of things you can do in Gran Canaria. It is a unique place that can provide you with an enjoyable and fun-filled vacation that you will surely remember.