Minibus Hire Italy

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Minibus hire Italy is ideal for groups of people travelling together. If you are going on holiday or on business, renting a minibus is an ideal way to travel for a group of people.

If you need to travel from one of the airports in Italy, to your hotel, we will find the right minibus for you.

Italy is located in the Southern part of Europe, and borders Switzerland, France, Slovenia and Austria.

It is world famous for it's attractive coasts, lakes, mountains, fashion and sports cars. It is also a famous place for food and drink including pasta, wine and olive oil.

Italy has a boot like shape and the Ligurian sea surrounds the country, with the Ionian and Sicilian seas to the South. Rome is the capital city of the country.

There are two main islands that are part of Italy, Sicily which is on the West coast and Sardinia, which lies on the Southern coast.